Manage Your Anxiety During Coronavirus Crisis

All of us are facing an unprecedented situation. We slept in one world and have woken to a totally different world. We can’t go to work, our children can’t go to school, we can’t even step out of homes. This sudden unexpected situation is stressful to most of us especially those already dealing with mental health issues.

For those too lazy to read the whole blog may refer to the tips given at the end of the article.

So, we are locked down, unable to step out and worried about the present situation and the future. Dealing with these thoughts and a drastically changed routine is bound to cause stress. Let’s understand how to deal with it.

Let’s look at some of the positives about the situation. We have been given clear guidelines of do’s and don’ts and they are enough to keep us safe. Simple measures like frequent hand washing, social distancing, staying at home and wearing a mask when we symptoms of cough and cold.
Unless we are foolish enough to think that this won’t happen to me and become careless, the chances of getting the infection are very less with the above precautions.
Now that we have laid down the basic guidelines to avoid infection or infecting others, lets discuss how to reduce the stress we are facing on a day to day basis.

If you are feeling very anxious and, on the edge, analyse yourself. Are you spending too much time on social media reading forwards regarding the pandemic or are continuously watching the news about the number of positives, the number of deaths etc.?
Stop that right now. The news will not change because you are not watching it but your mind certainly will.

There are is so much unauthenticated news about the pandemic, make sure of getting the information from the right sources.
Lets also try and keep our minds busy.An idle mind is a devil’s workshop after all.

Does that mean we should be constantly working?
No. It means we make all efforts to keep our mind diverted by various means.

Do you remember a time when you felt I wish I had more time to do this or that?
Well now is the time. To go back to childhood hobbies, to tell your children the stories you learnt in your grandmother’s lap and to pour love and life back into your relationships.
Give, give and give some more. To the beggar, to your maid or even to the stray dog in front of your house. In giving the soul finds satisfaction and the mind relaxes. If you are a religious person, prayers help too.

Have you heard that a healthy mind is housed in a healthy body?

Well get up and work on it. Exercise daily, eat nutritious home cooked food and sleep well and on time. Even at home follow a routine. It helps you to master situations in life better.
There is some don’ts that you have to follow as well. Do not listen to or spread rumours. Do not turn to drugs and alcohol to reduce anxiety. Do not panic if you have symptoms. Do not use medicines on your own but continue medications you have been already prescribed. Consult your doctor if the anxiety worsens.
Above all stay home, stay safe.
We will overcome this together.

10 tips to control anxiety during the time of corona Pandemic

  • Accept the situation—people all over the world are facing it and so am I.
  • Be calm yet cautious—thinking that I will surely get the disease and die is wrong so also is the thinking that it only happens to other people and not to me.
  • Connect emotionally but socially distance yourself—live your life, laugh and love but all via social media or the telephone.
  • Do not believe rumours, get information from authentic sources only.
  • Exercise daily, after all a healthy mind is housed in a healthy body. Relax your mind too with breathing exercise, pranayama, mindfulness (all available online)
  • Forgo watching news that makes you anxious. The news will not change if you stop watching it, but you mind certainly will.
  • Give to others in need and let their happiness be a balm to your soul.
  • Heal yourself by healthy habits like nutritious food and adequate sleep. Say no to drugs.
  • Isn’t this the time like no other? Make most of the abundant time at your disposal and go back to doing things you always wanted to do like hobbies, playing with children and relaxing.
  • Judiciously follow advise of hand washing, social distancing and wearing a mask when having symptoms of cough and cold. If you are already on medication for any physical or psychiatric condition, do not forget to take them.

If all of this fails, please consult us.

Dr. Srilakshmi Pingali

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Roshini Counselling Center 326,
Laxmi Nilayam, Near ITC Grand Kakatiya Hotel,
Begumpet, Hyderabad.
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