I am Dr Srilakshmi Pingali, M.D in Psychiatry from Lady Harding Medical College, Delhi. Treating psychiatry patients with a human touch and helping them lead healthier lives is my life’s goal.

I have 17 years of experience in Psychiatry. I belong to the generation of psychiatrists who have been trained to deal with all psychiatric problems starting from geriatric (old age) psychiatry to child Psychiatry. I therefore see and treat all type of psychiatric disorders  like schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, various drug addictions and child psychiatry cases like ADHD, Autism etc.

I have been working relentlessly to reduce the stigma around psychiatric illness and bring awareness among general population through many programs in television, articles in newspapers and talks in various institutions. I have run free camps in my clinic for many years with the motto that treatment for mental illness should be accessible to all.

 I have been the editor of our state journal, The Telangana Journal of Psychiatry and even today am a guide for many postgraduates in psychiatry.

My patients will vouch for me that I spend a lot of time with each patient answering all their doubts and ensuring that they have continuous support in their difficult times.

Dr. Srilakshmi Pingali MBBS,MD (Psychiatry)